Quick Update

We've been pretty busy between
the new place.
haven't had much time to breathe
it's all good.

This is the temp-wall Jamie built for the 
bedroom TV.
it's placed at the foot of the bed.
more pics @ a later date.

i purchased the rugs below on the weekend for the bath.
i tossed them on top of this 
old wooden crate
that sits atop of an old singer sewing machine table.

miss mika spots it!

i've had this crate for a very long time
but never really new what to do with it.
well, now i know!
(another project added to my list)

we think she may have spent 
a lot of her time in the trees
when young
while she was alone
in the outdoors
b4 we adopted her.

she loves the 
she actually goes out on the deck
here when one of us is with her.
she never went out on the deck at our old place;
it was ground level.
this one is on the 3rd floor
We love the tree-house feel as well.

another day.


Willow Branch said...

I love treehouses too. I never had one growing up, but my back porch is surrounded by trees, so I call it The Treehouse.


Stormy said...

Mika seems to be a bit bored here, up in the ~trees~ w/out anyone to play with; not as much space to run as b4.
Thinking about adopting a playmate...


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