A few photos of our new place

Final move-in day is next Saturday.
Although, rent is paid here
months end
we can come back to clean
without feeling rushed.

The new place is clean
i went there yesterday
to give the kitchen a 
"good cleaning"
it's set for food to be brought in.

Jamie is building a thin
pop-out wall
in the bedroom
the foot of the bed
to hang 
the flat-screen TV on
we don't have to damage the walls.
The living-room corner 
will get something similar 
once we get settled.

Kitchen Before Cleaning
The ugly lamp in the top right dining area
is going...
we're replacing it with something else.
room on the far right in photo below 
will be split.
one side will be my jewelry bench
the other will be for the
home gym.
I just ordered a heavy duty
sea grass rug 
for this room
to cover the carpet
so the rug is protected.

2 sliding doors come out of the
wall to close the room off
from the living-room.
Back deck is fairly small
but not 2 tight.
plenty big for a couple lounge chairs.

bedroom has a good size walk-in closet
where almost everything we've brought
so far
is stored atm.
Jamies closet is in the
work-out room.

I like the crisp white walls.
will be nice having a blank slate
to work with this time around.

It's quite a bit smaller than
we're used to
but it has a
unlike the place we've been 
in the last 4 years.

I'll post photos as we get things done.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a great place - have fun decorating.

Stormy said...

I will ~ it's been a long time since i had fun decorating :)

Willow Branch said...

Oh bless your heart, you moved. I hate most everything about the moving process, but getting into your new home, with everything in their new home.

Looks like a really nice place for your studio.


Stormy said...

Hi Willow!

I hate it as well, but i'm excited to wave ba-bye to this place!
It's been an exhausting couple of weeks ~ thank gawd it's almost over.


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