New Addition to My Shop

as some of you already know ~
Jamie builds custom homes
for a living.

friday evening
i was talking with him about 
some things i wanted to add to 

he had mentioned
that he had some poplar wood trim/molding
on the job site
that would be tossed in to the scrap pile
(which he hates doing)
we went to his job site on saturday
so he could show me the "scraps"
i could pick from.

while we were there
he cut some wood
added corner biscuits
glued & clamped

3 of these

they are waiting to be 
sanded smooth
before i list them in my shop.
i was playing with colors off & on last night.

i think i'll be listing all 3 as a set.

color ideas, anyone?

what's hot?
what's not?

p.s. -
he showed me some mahogany that may be 
"scrap" as well
sometime down the road.


he also showed me a "scrap" piece of granite 
that was a gorgeous shade of sage green with plum specs -
i fell in LOVE!
he told me "it may be scrap"

this piece is roughly 2.4' x 4'
there was a chance i could have taken it home!
but i have no use for it
that i could think of

I'll have to bring my camera next time we go
to his job site
so i can share some of the beautiful work that he does.
These pics were taken with his cell.


michelle said...

Love the frames! What a great guy to do that for you! As far as colors, I love all the beachy colors! :) I think what is "hot" now is the honeysuckle pink, I have been seeing that all over. I can't wait to see what you come up with! The granite sounds beautiful! I bet you could think of something! ;)

Stormy said...

I tried 6 colors on some scrap the other night, and loved a few, but they're not really 'Spring' colors.

Today I picked up a "robins egg" blue (that is gorgeous!) a very pale green (so soft and pretty), and "vanilla" that has a TINY hint of butter color to it -- all gorgeous colors. Will use one, or all of these, I think.

The 3 frames are all different sizes.


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