Finished Frames & A Shop to Share

Here are the finished frames.
made from new 'reclaimed' poplar wood
from jamies job-site.
the patina on the Lg & Sm frames
was created with
one stain
(the dark stain seen in the center of the small frame)
using a technique i made-up
and used years ago.
the small frame has a hint 
the "robins egg blue" paint peeking thru
on the inside rim.
the over-all color 
resembles a warm walnut color.

Lg 15" square - inside 8x8
Sm 10 1/8" square - inside 3 1/8"

 the antique photo i snagged at a yard sale years
for no more than a couple bucks!


those little white thing-ez 

are the feet off from this antique table
i mentioned the other day.

robins egg blue frame 
outside measures 12 9/16" square
inside 5 5/8" 
i don't do know if i will distress this one.

also ~

i added this woman's shop 
to a treasury i made on etsy 
not long ago
thought i would share with you.
the detail in her work is amazing!

click here FLOWERS
to see her beautiful work.


michelle said...

The frames turned out so beautiful! I love the stain that you chose! I am not sure about the distressing with the blue, I am so bad at making decisions. Although you can distress it a bit and see if you like it, if not then paint it back again.

Oh my wow with those flowers!! They are gorgeous and look so real!!! I had to look a couple times to make sure.
I hope you are doing well and have a great rest of the week!

Stormy said...

I finished the blue frame.
I added some very light gray --
a thin coat of a light colored stain -- then sanded some high spots to show some white primer and wood.

Will be listing soon.

Have fun with yr Daughter


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