Another Shop

here is a sneak peek
of a few things that will be added.

the flowers snap on
they can be taken off when the cover
needs to be washed.

the snap idea
become a staple
in my shop.

below is a flaxseed & spearmint eye pillow
with a washable removable cover.
i'll also be doing lavender, orange peel,
and maybe others.
it depends on what's available
in the organic bulk section
when i visit the store.

Times have been getting tough lately
and the price of silver
keeps going up!
i figured it was a good time to start sewing again.
it's been years.

jamie has taken over the job of being
my massage therapist.
i found a youtube vid
that showed how to do myofascial massage.
he took to it right away.
so that's been a huge blessing.



michelle said...

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! I love your jewelry and your new pillows are just beautiful! I love the idea that you can snap off the flowers to wash the cover!! Love the name too! :)

Have a wonderful day!!

Stormy said...

You're Welcome!

Thanks for the feedback ~ Have a great weekend!

Willow Branch said...

Hey sweet girl!!! I I loooove that pillow & hear you on the silver price thing. I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from smithing & have picked up the paint brushes & paper. I'm ready to play with the torch again, but have to organize everything & get the paper away from the torch. lol


Stormy said...

Hey Pam!!

i just checked silver prices they're down a couple bucks from the last time i looked; hopefully they'll keep going down!

the only paint brushes i've picked up have been to paint furniture.

are you painting to sell?
would love to see more of yr work!


michelle said...

Stopping over again to say thank you for your wonderful comment and to let you know that I did use a jigsaw to cut out the starfish. I bet you could make amazing things with one and they are kind of fun! I hope you get one:)

Have a wonderful day!

Stormy said...

Thanks Michelle!

One day I'm going to get one! :-)


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