Do YOU drink bottled water ??

If YOU  
drink bottled water
haven't seen the documentary
then YOU 
and everyone you know
SHOULD see it!

I will NEVER drink from another plastic bottle as long as I live

BIG wake-up call people!
I just watched this on Netflix tonight; it made my gut wrench!!

DO yourself and our planet a favor and RENT it!
if you haven't
seen it already.
And ...
PLEASE spread the word!
Support them on FB TAPPED - The Movie 


Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

I know! Last spring I found the best reusable metal drinking bottles at Walmart. I love them! They have wide openings and easy to clean...I keep several in the frig full of cold filtered water ready to grab and go! Happy New Year!

Stormy said...

We just put in 2 Aquasana water filters - a counter-top one in the kitchen, and one in the shower.

I LOVE the shower filter; it leaves my skin feeling like silk!

Happy New Year to you!


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