it's TIME to get AWAY

from blogging.
from facebook.
it's time.
(not that i do much of it anyway)

i really
to stay focused 
on my health.
it's been a 
long n rough 
winding road.
i'm tired of dr's appt's.
physical therapy that doesn't work.

i can't keep

 like everything 
is hunky-dory.
because it's just not
it hasn't been for many years.

 i have found someone
who does myofascial massage.
but she's not set-up to take insurance.
(not that my insurance will cover, because they won't)

she's willing to work with me on a payment plan
of sorts.
as well as lowering the cost
if i go with some kind of package.
(large or small)
she's the only one i've talked to
so far
that is certified in this.
we talked for 30 minutes or so on the phone.
although it sounds like
"just what the dr. ordered"
we just can't afford it right now.

i mentioned a naturopathic dr.
ages ago, that i wanted to see
my doctor (of 17 years)
wouldn't give me a referral.
so i fired her ass.

how can a doctor of 17 years
who has watched me suffer
with this since 
the beginning
not give me something as simple
as a referral for something

the doctor i see now
will give me the referral.
she says
"i think it's a good idea that you have access to alternative treatments"
so, i'm making the call-back tomorrow.

i'll continue to stay
on my 
i just won't be posting here.

i've got a schedule in the works.
things that will improve my life
as time goes on.
if i stick to it.

today, in the car...

i actually 
*voiced out-loud*
@ myself

"you need to get your damn health back!

do what you need to do!

stop frick-n procrastinating!!

stop feeling sorry for your-self!!!

don't let those damn hormones control you!!!!

fight back, against the pain!!!!!

stretch, meditate, walk, strength train, hang, do yoga, dance 
(when no-1 is watching)  hehe... and most of all, BREATHE!!!!!! "

it felt good to give myself 
a good scolding.
i needed it!
i will continue to do this, as needed.

p.s. -
i have plans in the works 
to open another etsy shop.
i'll be closing 
stormynitedesigns @ some point.

i've started sewing again.
a little here and there.
so my shop will contain
metal & cloth 
i don't feel the need to create 2 shops.
one is enough!
i'll  let you know when it's ready.
not until i've started taking care of

see U on the
xx TC ~


Janice said...

you are totally completely awesome!! Take care of yourself. :) We'll all still be here when you want to get back to blogging and I look forward to seeing your new shop!

Stormy said...

Thanks Janice ♥

I've got my first appt. setup for 10/04 with the naturopathic doc.

My GYN told me yesterday, she's heard some really great things (from some of her patients) about her. :)

Willow Branch said...

Please take care of yourself. We'll be thinking of you!!



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