Just listed & Moving Day

 just listed these 
2 items in my etsy shop
I'm so in love with these earrings!
I'll be making more
similar designs
i hope!
Will try and squeeze in some
online time 
~ later ~
to get some stone shopping done.


we've decided
MAY 1st 
will be our moving day.
I am SO looking forward to having an 
kitchen again.
I am NOT looking forward to packing everything up and hauling
it to a new place;
this is what 
want, so
i won't complain
2 much hehe...

Jamie ~ his main concern is storage
for his bike
and tools
( he has both here)
I know he hates the idea of moving
(just some-times)
i feel guilty
for feeling the need to move.
We ended up here
(it's been 4 yrs now)
under shitty circumstances
due to a
She did get what was 
in court.
It took 2 years, and a whopping double fine from the judge
for them to pay up... 2 yrs was well worth the look on their faces.
The 7-8 months we lived there
was a total nightmare.
Jamie put more work into that place; always running to the basement
to fix the
electrical problems
water problems
heat problems
(in this so-called newly renovated apartment)
NOT to mention...
he had taken apart the underside of the staircase
(of this 150+ yr old farmhouse)
free of charge
to accommodate our washer & dryer
(something she will benefit from down the road
because there was only enough room for one...

once finished
you would never have guessed this was done; he did a beautiful job.

for you renters out there
~ watch yr backs ~
those landlords
as well!


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