Destash-ing - Preparing for the move

Things are changing around here fast.
we are having to think about moving into a 
smaller space
due to my back/neck issues
(mainly neck at this point)
that seem to be getting worse.
I can have 5 very good days
and then
5-8 horrible days in a row.

I have an appt @ the Spine Institute 
the beginning of April.

Hopefully they can tell me 
something more
this time.

will have to try and pick up the pace once we move.
I've always been a
I'd push my way thru most any 'storm'
even though i new some form of pain would be waiting 
for me later.
I always got thru.
~ Now ~
i'm afraid
 i've pushed myself to far.

Jamie was laid off on friday
is told it could be as long as 5 weeks
b4 they return to work.

Moving day is coming quick
i really need to get rid of the things
i no longer have use for. 
So i've opened
my old shop
to destash old stock. 

Gemstone rondelles & beads
Glass Beads
Metal bead caps

If you're interested, i'll be listing as fast as i 
can over the next couple of weeks.

A lot of the items are small
(like the photos below)
my fingers aren't able to wire wrap
that small any longer.

I've re-opened my shop with 3 pr of earrings
that hadn't sold
when i closed it.
seems strange to look back on what i was doing then
where i'm at now.

some will be sold in lots
like below

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