Starfish Pillow Cover

Whimsical Style
This was made to toss on an angle
(top photo) 
but you can get a few different looks
by turning the pillow.

Cover is 100% Cotton Duck

Starfish is 100% cotton 

will be listed this coming week


michelle said...

Love it!!!! You are on a roll with the pillows! Have you done any jewelry lately? I am feeling rather uninspired this week or I should say lazy! I have another big room redo coming up and I am avoiding it. :)
I hope you are doing well!

Stormy said...

My inspiration, comes and goes with my level of pain.

Spring is around the corner, so I'm hoping that will give me the boost I need to sit back at my bench!

I wouldn't say yr "lazy"... far from it!
Taking a break in-be-tween projects is a good thing!
Something I wish I would have done more of in my 30's & 40's...

Looking forward to yr next redo -- but, NO RUSH! ♥


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