Graduation Day & Stuff

left @ 10:30am
this morning
to drive down to boston
for his sons graduation.
i wanted to take the drive
there is no way my back & neck could take it.
plus, things are a bit tight here since the move
so the less $$ spent right now, the better.

~ besides ~
i think it's a good idea to give each other 
a little
X-tra space
now and then.
i told him to take a few days if he wanted
but he said
he'll be back tonight around midnight. 

i started playing the tunes on my blog
as i sat at my bench
started to miss him 1.5 hours after he left.
even tho we needed this time apart
found it kinda 
funny. :)

so ...
i decided to stay home and create
some new pieces.
i have only managed to get 1 pr
of earrings made so far
(they're in the tumbler)
maybe i'll feel like sitting back at
my bench a little later.
* it's hot *
@ the moment.
this is a time i'm happy the sun sets on the 
other side
of the building.
anyhow ~
 i'm going to get ready to take a drive.
maybe down by the water.

we took a walk on the beach yesterday evening
(what there was of it due to the water still being high)
after dinner. 
on the way back
i spotted a teeny field
on the road-side
(someones yard - sort of )
of pretty
purple flowers.
i want a photo
for my shop banner.
the banner i have up now
was taken last week on a
drive by
i'm not sure if i like it, yet.

i'll post a pic of the earrings later.

hope everyone is having 
nice sunday!


Anonymous said...

How proud you both must be for the graduate...CONGRATS.

Janice said...

Hope you enjoyed your 'me' time!! Sometimes it feels weird - but in the long run - its probably a good thing! (bet you were both super happy to see each other again!)


Stormy said...

thanks girls!

The "me time" was good, although i secretly wish it would have lasted a little longer ;) the days go by so fast...


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