New Red Brass & Sterling Earrings + ER visit

large red brass discs
w/oxidized sterling

will be listed in my shop

it's been another rough week.
i had a bad episode at 6am thursday morning.

an ER visit took place.

upon waking 
my bp was 153 over 98.

 when the EMT arrived
it was 158 over 112
pulse was 112 bpm.

my doctor told me the day b4
"to take valium for the muscle spasms; i didn't need my
(that i take for anxiety to sleep, due to pain)
it was basically the same thing"
(similar, but NOT the same - valium is a muscle relaxer - klonopin is for anxiety)

i told her "i thought i should take them together
(like i was told to do by another doc over a month ago, and worked well)
because i've been taking it 4 so long
i can't just stop!"
but she said 
you don't need both."
so i went against what i new to be right.

after 5 hours in the 
a good dose of 
morphine & liq valium
i finally came home.
for vicodin.

i decided 
after 4 different answers
from 1 doctor & 3 nurses in the ER
and the one from
my doctor
about these meds
i will do 
my instincts 
told me to do to begin-with.

take what i know!

the vicodin will be kept around in-case
of an emergency
will most likely
get tossed
in the end.

holds breath until april 8th for the spine institutes visit...

PS ~ 
Jamie went out and purchased a huge ~ stiff foam wedge slant pillow thingy
for me to lay back on
(which works great for my back)
(but perfectly firm enough)
neck pillow
that can hold heat or ice.
They work perfectly together.


Anonymous said...

Love the glad you are feeling better...I can't imagine how scary that ER visit must have been.

Stormy said...

Thanks Sas ♥

Anonymous said...

The earrings are really cool! I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I hope the whole medication thing gets straightened out. I will keep you in my prayers today.

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

What lovely earrings!!

Stormy said...

Thank you so much Lisa! ♥

Stormy said...

Thank you Millie!

Janice said...

Love the earrings and so sorry to hear about your back!!! Glad to hear that you are figuring out what works for you though, sometimes we need to take the dr.s orders with a grain of salt.


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